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Being a budding guitar player in 1967, the fledgling industry of amplifying acoustic instruments left much to be desired in Peter's inventive mind.


Listening to the few options available at the time and deciding they weren't accurate enough sound, Peter spent years listening to and trying every product that appeared on the market to try and capture the sound his (even then) vintage instrument produced. Finally realizing that the products available weren't getting any more accurate, he set out to design his own device.


During his performances, many fellow musicians would comment on the great sound he got from his "pickup" and wanted to know where they could get the same thing. Thus, P.A. Products was born… products made by musicians, for musicians, with musicians in mind.


Peter's great love of truly accurate sounds from his instruments and his desire to find solutions to long standing problems provided the incentive to continue to create versions for different instruments and the players that truly love acoustic instrument sounds.


Dedicated to the highest quality workmanship in all products brings strong meaning to the phrase "GUARANTEED FOR FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE" to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.


In 1985, Peter came up with the design for the screw in endpin jack that received Patent status about 1991. Being as simple as it is and the only one like it in the world brought compliments from players and repair people all over the world. Many manufacturers through the years have tried to design around it but never succeeded. All other versions you may encounter are just copies. His jack design can be installed in any instrument from the outside and never work its way loose. There are no nuts required to keep it in place. The strap button (for those that need it) is designed right into the end of the jack.





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