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Searching since 1968 for an answer to freedom of movement without losing the richness of sound a good acoustic instrument can produce. In 1984 I created "The String Mic" series of internally mounted microphones for stringed instruments.


For the drummer who's tired of extended miking setup time, heavy microphone stands and feedback problems, I expanded the P.A. Products line to include "The Rhythm Mic" series of internally mounted microphones for kit drums. The internal miking, successful for the first time, provides quicker setup time, fewer equipment problems, greater flexibility and security, and most important happier sound personnel.


The stereo jack provides the on/off switching function while the attachment of the electret condenser microphone element to the end of the jack makes placement extremely user friendly due to the built-in filters each instrument requires. The high impedance format allows usage of effects equipment without any special adapters.


The special design 9/16" N.C. threaded endpin jack installs in the same " hole most other jacks do. The patented design keeps the jack tight without the loosening up most other jacks experience. It can also be installed in ANY instrument no matter how small the sound hole from the outside! F-Hole mandolins, No Problem! Violins, No Problem! Lutes, No Problem! Kalimbas, No Problem! For great acoustic sound amplified from your acoustic instruments, P.A. Products "String Mic" and Rhythm Mic" are declared throughout the industry as "A Sound Decision".



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