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Installation of the mic is quite simple. We have used a cross- section of a guitar to show you step-by-step instructions for installing your mic.

  1.)  Drill a " hole ("step" drills are great for this).  
        Most hardware stores carry it.  

  2.)  Using a 9/16" x 12 NC tapered tap gives you the threaded  
        hole to screw the jack in from the outside.  
  3.)  Thread the battery wires first through the ½" hole you've  
        just made.  

  4.)  Snug jack down against the surface of the instrument.  
        Don't worry, because of the endpin design, it cannot back  
        itself out.  

  5.)  Place battery holder in a convenient spot and attach it with  
        the Velcro adhesive strip that is supplied with the Mic.  

  Feedback control is greatly enhanced by the built-in filter.  
  The different models are "tweaked" or filtered to offer  
  optimum sound quality from your instrument.  
  Greatest control is achieved by the use of an external EQ.  
  The fundamental frequency for the low end "howl" is 200hz.  
  The midrange "hollow" sound is in the 1khz range.  
  The squeal that hurts the ears is in the 3khz range.  
  The more bands on the EQ, the tighter the control you get.  
  REMEMBER! This is an electret condenser microphone,  
  not a vibration contact transducer!!  


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