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  Our Guitar Mictm has been well received by world class artists and industry professionals. Below are some of our references.  
  “I now look forward to hearing myself onstage… rather than dreading it”… the reports are that The Guitar Mic is GREAT (on tour)…  

29 Nov. 1988,  John Renbourn… founding member of Pentangle


“In my opinion your microphone system for guitar (and other acoustic instruments possessing resonating cavities) is the most acceptable solution to the problems associated with the amplifying of such instruments without a loss of their characteristic acoustic qualities”… “it’s been needed for a long time”…

  7 May 1986,  John Pearse… Guitarist, inventor, Producer, author, the man behind John Pearse products  

“your Guitar Mic is the best unit that I have ever tried!”  “unlike all other pickup devices, your Guitar Mic doesn’t interfere with the guitar’s vibrating qualities”…


4 May 1986,  John Gilbert… world class classical guitar luthier


“The microphone and preamplifier, because of the position on the endpin are in the best place to pick up the vibrations of the instrument while at the same time minimizing feedback from external sources” “the net result is reproduction of the instrument’s tone in a much more accurate fashion”…

  22 April 1986,  Hideo Kamimoto… author of Guitar Repair book… world renowned violin repair expert  
  “hope you sell about a  billion of your Guitar Mics”…  
  2 Jan. 1991,  Carolyn Hester… world class folk recording artist  


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